VinSolutions Website Review

The PCG Digital Marketing team was given the opportunity to see the latest features and functionality of the VinSolutions platform and we were impressed with the breadth and depth of the integration they have achieved over the past year. In 2009 VinSolutions was recognized as one of nine companies to receive the 2009 ASMA Award for Industry Leadership.

This article is not a full review of the latest VinSolutions platform but in just a few weeks the 2010 Automotive Website Awards will be presented along with our 150+ page report on the search marketing strengths of 45 website platforms. The awards ceremony is scheduled for October 12, 2010 at 8:00 am. The awards will be presented at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas at an industry breakfast hosted by PCG Digital Marketing.

The VinSolutions Website Platform

VinSolutions is a juggernaut; adding new functionality to their platform at a blinding pace to stay ahead of the competition. The demonstration that we sat through showed our team just how busy VinSolutions developers have been over the past year.

VinSolutions websites

The first thing that hit our team was the home page design and the ability to configure the page to meet the dealer’s marketing objectives. We liked the way the home page was divided into regions and how simple it was for the dealer to change the home page banner and calls to action.

Since the majority of organic searches deliver consumers to the home page, the VinSolutions design templates seek to direct traffic to the right place with the least amount of clicks. The home page quick links felt “just right” to satisfy the most common search tasks that consumers have when shopping for a car.

Search Marketing Architecture

Since the 2010 Automotive Website Awards (AWA) will focus on design, technology, and search marketing, we took extra time to delve into the foundations of our work which is the Automotive SEO architecture of the website. We were pleased to see strong URL designs for all pages on their website and their inventory detail pages were some of the best that we have reviewed this year. Hats off to the VinSolutions design team.

VinSolutions Car Detail Pages

One of the most exciting developments to witness was how each car detail page was targeting up to three local cities. We are a firm believer that car dealership websites need to be optimized for the key towns in their PMA.

The VinSolutions inventory module was ahead of its peers in achieving an automated solution for targeting multiple local communities for search. We also liked the clean design of the car detail pages which are the primary pages visited by ready to buy consumers.

Where VinSolutions broke new ground was to integrate customer sales and service data to automatically create website pages optimized for the town where the customer lives.

This was a very impressive content feature and has powerful potential for content publishing. Without any extra effort from the dealer, content pages can be created that target popular geo-based keywords for sales and service for cities that surround the dealership.

VinSolutions Mobile Integration

VinSolutions also demonstrated an attractive mobile application, which was easy to navigate, and integrated with their backend CRM tools. The VinSolutions development team has been hard at work to create a seamless consumer shopping experience, whether they choose to access a dealers website via their mobile device or desktop computer.

One of the strongest aspects of the VinSolutions digital marketing platform is that it is a complete end-to-end software suite. VinSolutions provides software and technology that starts with the dealer’s ability to photograph their inventory and load it in real-time all the way through the lead management, sales, and customer service.

VinSolutions Summary

VinSolutions is a comprehensive website platform that stands alone in its ability to deliver an integrated digital marketing solution for car dealers. Automotive retailers who seek the simplicity of having a single point of contact for their digital marketing needs will find that VinSolutions has the potential to make them smile.