Dealer e-Process Websites

PCG Digital Marketing had the pleasure of participating in a demonstration of the  latest technology from Dealer e-Process in September as part of the AWA review process.  In 2009  Dealer e-Process won an ASMA award for their excellence in search marketing and we can confirm that the company has built on that success in 2010.

The presentation of their website technology was expertly orchestrated and a number of features stood out in our minds as best in class.  Dealer e-Process impressed upon us their attention to detail, compliance, and focus to create a custom website for dealers.  The websites we reviewed show that their goal to create a custom dealership experience was achieved.

Dealer e-Process Chat

Managed Chat Services

Dealer e-Process is a firm believer that dealers should use chat on their website and in fact, they own their own chat technology.   A Hyundai dealership using their platform was used to demonstrate the power of chat.

Chat Leads For Car DealersTheir live stats for the month on August showed 342 chat leads which was very impressive.  Their proprietary chat software, staffing and training is obviously creating significant value for this dealership.

The administrative reports and lead management tools were clean and easy to use.  The chart on the right shows the contribution of their managed chat service in relative performance to traditional lead paths.

Seamless Video Integration For Sales, IRM and HR

The Dealer e-Process website platform was also noted for their tight integration of YouTube video.  Our review team was impressed how easy it was to upload YouTube videos for customer testimonials, walk-around videos of cars, and salesman profile pages.    Video increases engagement and time on a dealer website so we applaud the seamless integration of YouTube in their administrative panel.

In the screenshot below you can see how Dealer e-Process has created an interface for loading customer testimonial videos into live pages on their website.  Reputation Management is a very important aspect of digital marketing and our team liked the way this platform enabled car dealers to leverage these videos.

Car dealer testimonials on youtube

In this second example, the screenshot shows how easy it is to associate a custom YouTube video with any car in stock.

Youtube videos for car dealer inventory

In this third example, the dealer staffing page comes alive with integrated YouTube videos:

Youtuve videos for car sales staff

Social Media Integration

Automotive Facebook IntegrationThe Dealer e-Process platform also has strong integration points for social media with direct connections of data for Twitter and Facebook.

Dealers can have their inventory placed on a Facebook “tab” as shown on the right.

Their “E-Price” theme carries through their website and into their social media designs.

Those who might doubt the power of their “E-Price” call to actions may be surprised to know that it is the #1 on-site lead form source for most Dealer e-Process customers.

One dealer in our demonstration had 128 E-Price lead forms submitted in one month.

car dealer inventory on Dealer eprocess

Dealer e-Process SEO

Their SEO Architecture of their platform will be formally reviewed in the 2010 Automotive Website Awards (AWA) white paper but since they won an award last year, we can say that they have continued to improve on their core platform.

Their technical team should be congratulated as we were shown a number of local searches that demonstrated that Google likes their inventory optimization.   The platform allows full access to Page Titles and META descriptions so for SEO purposes, we like their open architecture.  Dealer e-Process also offers a managed SEO package for car dealers who want to outsource their search optimization.

Automated OEM Incentives and Dealer Specials

Our notes on their platform were extensive as their demonstration walked our team through their slick integration with OEM incentives which will save dealers considerable time.  We also liked how the platform made sure that special pages were filled with meaningful data.  We have visited too many dealership websites where special pages are blank.  Using rules based actions, specials can be programmed into the system without requiring manual intervention.

Content Publishing

The Dealer e-Process platform utilizes WordPress for their blog technology which we applaud.  WordPress is both easy to use and supported with hundreds of free plug-ins from developers worldwide.  The core platform also has unlimited page creation tools which is vital for dealers who want to compete for organic search visibility.


Dealer e-Process impressed our review team with great focus and attention to detail on all aspects of website design, communication, and conversion.   Their mobile websites were clean and well designed. The administrative tools and feature set make them a top contender for dealers looking to change website platforms.   Dealers looking for a platform that truly integrates video, chat, and search engine optimization tools should place Dealer e-Process on their short list.