Monthly Archives: May 2011

Registration for the Automotive Website Awards is Now Open

PCG Digital Marketing has announced that registration for the Automotive Website Awards (AWA) is now open.  Companies that provide automotive websites should register for the annual review process by June 1st, 2011. The awards luncheon will be held at the...
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Picking The Top 5 Automotive Website Platforms in 2011

The top 5 website providers in 2010 were awarded the AWA Pinnacle Award.  Those companies. shown below, were DealerFire, TK Carsites,, Dealer eProcess, and VinSolutions. With the 2011 Automotive Website Awards (AWA) just 5 months away, there is no...
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2011 Automotive Website Awards Applications

Applications for the 2011 Automotive Website Awards will open on May 6, 2011. The AWA represent the high accolades for companies serving the automotive industry with website platforms and related technology. The AWA application process will be supervised by PCG...
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