Applications for the 2011 Automotive Website Awards will open on May 6, 2011. The AWA represent the high accolades for companies serving the automotive industry with website platforms and related technology.

The AWA application process will be supervised by PCG Digital Marketing who created the industry awards in 2008.  This year, the awards presentation is scheduled for October 9th in Las Vegas Nevada during the 2011 Driving Sales Executive Summit (DSES).

Applicants can submit their automotive website technology for review by June 1, 2011.  The independent review process will be conducted during the months of June and July.

Data from the comprehensive review process will be compiled in August for a final whitepaper which will be published and distributed at the awards ceremony in Las Vegas.  A copy of the 2011 AWA whitepaper can be downloaded by the awards website.

2010 AWA Winning Companies

The 2010 AWA winning companies included industry incumbents as well as some new faces to the automotive industry.  A summary of last years winners is provided below, with their respective award categories.  This year categories will be added including awards for mobile websites and apps.

AWA Technology Winners

The awards for Website Technology recognize companies that have introduced into the marketplace products and strategies that are positively impacting dealers’ success online.

  • – Total Control Dominator (Best Automotive Advertising Tool)
  • TK Carsites – Power of Five (Best Search Marketing Strategy)
  • VinSolutions (Best Integrated Website Platform)

AWA Design Winners

The awards for Website Design recognize best of class design solutions for car dealer websites, OEM websites and independent shopping websites.

AWA Search Marketing Winners

The three categories of the Search Marketing include recognizing Pinnacle Platforms, Peak Performance and Phoenix Award winners.

Phoenix Awards

  • BZ Results
  • Dealerskins
  • Reynolds Web Solutions

Peak Performance

  • XIGroup
  • ClickMotive
  • DealerTrend
  • MJMI
  • DealerHD

Pinnacle Platform (Highest Recognition)

  • VinSolutions
  • Dealer Fire
  • TK Carsites
  • Dealer eProcess