Peak Performance – These websites represent companies that have the search marketing architecture and feature set that will provide  their clients with a strong competitive advantage online.

Peak Performance winners are members of an elite group, which represent platforms that will enable dealers to create a competitive advantage in their local markets.

We are proud to recognize the 2012 AWA Peak Performance Award winners, in alphabetical order:


DealerTrack | eCarList



KPA | TK Carsites

The Top Ten

The Top Ten Website providers in the 2012 review process are made up of the five Pinnacle and five Peak winners. Since each website platform has its unique value proposition, dealers are encouraged to review all these highly rated companies when considering a replacement for your existing website.

Is there a #1 website vendor?

The answer is simply NO. The right vendor will be a match of each dealer’s specific needs and how the vendor can best support them. Website purchasing decisions, now more than ever, are being influenced by CRM decisions. Dealers looking to keep their existing CRM system will have a different consideration set than those who are looking to replace both their CRM and website at the same time.