Monthly Archives: December 2013

Haystak Automotive Websites Replace VinSolutions As Preferred Platform by ATC

By Brian Pasch With the NADA Convention only weeks away, I can easily predict that at least one booth will be buzzing with dealer activity.  Autotrader Companies (ATC) is reshuffling their deck and I would like to share some exciting...
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Website Speed Impacts Dealers More Than You Think

Does website speed impact a dealer’s bottom line?  The answer is yes, if they care about organic search rankings and if they use Google Adwords.  This year as part of the AWA website testing, we wanted to see how the...
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Automotive Twitter Advertising Is A Pure Mobile Play

By Brian Pasch Recently, I have been testing Automotive Twitter Advertising campaigns which have been receiving high response rates from 2-6%, in addition to seeing a very competitive cost per click.  I will be sharing some of my results from...
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