By Brian Pasch

Recently, I have been testing Automotive Twitter Advertising campaigns which have been receiving high response rates from 2-6%, in addition to seeing a very competitive cost per click.  I will be sharing some of my results from Automotive Twitter Advertising campaigns at  the 2014 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC), March 16-18th.

Attendees will also be pleased to know that Jeremy Anderson, head of Automotive Sales at Twitter,  will delivering a keynote address.  I am very interested to hear from Jeremy how Twitter, and the option to have images in the news feed, can be leveraged by car dealers and the larger auto industry.

If you haven’t noticed, in the past 30 days there has been a surge of OEM advertising on Twitter.  Here are just two ads that ran recently on Twitter:


Mobile Engagement Dominates Twitter Ads

One of the biggest observations from the automotive Twitter campaigns that I have noticed, is the high percentage of mobile engagement. A campaign that I ran in November 2013 (shown below) had a total of 31,151 impressions and 1,533 clicks.  98% of the click actions came from iOS and Android devices.


In a second campaign, there were 1,867 click actions and 97% of those clicks came from iOS and Android devices.


You will also see that the majority of clicks are coming from Apple iOS devices.   The conversion success from Twitter advertising will be a challenge for some dealers.

The data I  shared from my Twitter advertising campaigns highlights the need for dealers to have a mobile friendly website platform.  If dealers plan to engage in social media advertising on Facebook and Twitter, their landing page strategy must be able to convert mobile shoppers.

Dealers Need Mobile Websites That Convert

Less than 20% of the automotive websites in production by franchise dealers have responsive/adaptive technology.  This is limiting the quality of content presented to mobile users as well as conversion on marketing campaigns.  In 2014, car dealers will have to get serious about upgrading to a seamless website experience for your customers across desktop, tablet, and smartphones.

awa-logoThe 2014 Automotive Website Awards, held in New Orleans on January 24th, will be recognizing the best adaptive/responsive websites on the market for car dealers.  If you are heading to NADA in January, and would like to  attend the AWA awards ceremony, please RSVP here.

Delaying a decision to create a better mobile experience will limit the success of Adwords and social media advertising. So, what are you waiting for?  Find out when your website vendor is going to create a better mobile shopping experience and then start testing social media advertising strategies.

Twitter will be one of those new strategies that will be discussed at DMSC.  Have you been testing Twitter advertising?  If so, share some of your findings in the comments section below.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting