[responsive]VinSolutions[/responsive]VinSolutions CRM platform, previously called MotoSnap CRM, has now been re-branded as VinConnect CRM. VinConnect is a powerful source of comprehensive customer insight for auto dealers, therefore we have chosen to award them with a CRM Superstar Award!

With the core functionality of the CRM platform, dealers will find ample reports, well-designed input screens, and a multi-tiered menu system to access the hundreds of features in the software, all within a well-designed and simple user interface.

Our review team was impressed with leadership team at VinSolutions and their presentation, which included insights on the their product roadmap. A number of new products are on the roadmap for 2015, many of which will be previewed at the 2015 National Automotive Dealer Association Convention.


We are proud to award this title to VinSolutions because of their robust CRM and mobile app that satisfies the industry’s power users, visual inspection tools, direct mail and email marketing campaign integration, and their new desking system. We applaud VinSolutins on their continued innovation. Congratulations on winning our CRM Superstar Award!

Find Out More About VinSolutions in the AWA Research Book

An in depth description of all winners will be available in the 2015 AWA Research Book and Buyers Guide.

The 2015 AWAs were awarded on Thursday, January 22, just prior to NADA. Recipients were awarded based on eight categories, including:

  • Pinnacle Platform: Websites
  • Peak Performance: Websites
  • CRM Superstar
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Mobile Application
  • Sales Process
  • Rising Star

The winners of AWAs are recognized for being the best in the automotive industry. Research for the awards was done by PCG Consulting, a vendor neutral company well educated on the many vendors available for dealers.