dotautoslogoEarlier this month we announced .Autos as our official event sponsor for the Automotive Website Awards.

If you haven’t already heard, .Autos specializes in web addresses exclusively for the automotive industry. If you’re thinking how a .Autos web domain name can benefit your business, check out these four reasons:

A Safe Space

Their unique domains are validated to ensure that each one meets the automotive criteria necessary to be considered. Their dedication to high standards makes their name space safe and secure for the automotive internet community.

All Autos, All the Time 

Since all .Autos domain owners are validated in the industry, they are able to provide consumers with more automotive-centric content than ever before.

What’s in a Name 

With a .Autos domain name, consumers will know exactly what your company’s area of expertise is, just by looking at the name!

Quality over Quantity 

The Internet is getting crowded, and most businesses had to settle for a domain name that was not their first choice. .Autos has a great inventory of high-quality domain names because they are exclusive to the automotive industry — not available to just anyone like .com domains are.

To learn more about .Autos or to become a Founder, visit or follow them on Twitter at @dot_autos