PCG is pleased to announce that Client Command has won a 2018 AWA Award in the Marketing Automation category.

The Client Command Platform offers dealers access to the Active Shopper Network™ and AI-powered marketing solutions. Built to ensure that shoppers are engaged through a personalized, tailored experience, the Active Shopper Networktakes the guesswork out of marketing by providing real-time shopper profiles. Client Command’s research indicates that adding the Active Shopper Network has increased their clients’ ability to identify active shoppers by 5X over using DMS data alone. Omni-channel, branded experiences are provided through the Active Shopper Network while offering dealers the opportunity to dynamically adapt their marketing to a shopper’s interests and preferences for a personalized ‘journey.’

Marketing Automation is a new category for the 2018 AWAs. When it comes to active shopper identification, many dealers stop at equity mining, or incorporate predictive modeling to guess who might be in-market. With so much real-time shopper data available in today’s marketplace, should not have to speculate about who is in-market. Products nominated for the Marketing Automation category have helped to eliminate the guesswork out of marketing for dealers.

We congratulate Client Command for being named a 2018 AWA winner in the Marketing Automation category, and thank them for participating in this year’s review process.

More About the 2018 AWA Awards

This year, the AWAs took place on March 22nd, 2018—the night prior to the start of the National Automotive Dealers Association Convention. The Aria Resort & Hotel Las Vegas hosted the award show which presented dozens of awards to the best website and technology products on the market for car dealers, and one individual. Throughout the rest of the convention, car dealers can learn more about PCG Companies by visiting Booth #2192C at NADA. For more information about all the winners of the AWAs, please visit http://www.awa.autos.