In the automotive industry, what could possibly hold more strength than numbers? A CRM platform.

As the central hub of sales and marketing, a CRM unifies people, process, and technology. The modern-day platform has evolved to serve as much more than just a data management tool, and the bar only continues to rise. Dealers are no longer content with basic functionality; they’re looking for the best automotive CRM platforms to offer a variety of sophisticated features.

Today, dealers expect CRMs to deliver tighter integration with their websites, phone systems, and digital marketing investments. They want their platform to work seamlessly from their device of choice, whether it’s desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Best Automotive Sales Process

Because of how vast CRM’s features have grown, PCG’s assessments are thorough and extensive. They involve our team of consultants who are not only familiar with most automotive CRM platforms on the market, but understand which features work in the real world.

As CRM platforms widely vary in services, the AWA designates multiple awards to honor those with innovative features that simply yet amplify car dealers’ day-to-day business. We consider a wide range of criteria such as user-friendliness, layout and design, call center integration, mobile responsiveness, and marketing campaign integration.

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