Most dealerships understand that social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy because of the amount of time people spend on these sites every day. These sites are where opinions are formed and decisions are made. That’s why versatile social media tools that improve CRM and integrate sites are more important now than ever before.

Engaging with potential customers is always a challenge with the flood of messaging they experience each time they log on, but the right automotive social media tools can make a huge difference. People want to be heard, and a tool that helps dealers aggregate mentions of their dealership so they can respond and converse directly with potential car-buyers can have a direct impact on their bottom line.

That’s why the keys to providing the best social media tools for car dealers must make it easier to post frequently and to respond to customer reviews on each site because timing matters. PCG found some impressive tools that have done just that for many dealerships who have simplified their customer relationship management process with their help.

The Automotive Website Awards recognizes many of the best automotive social media tools each year with this award. These tools must make it easier and more efficient to manage multiple social media platforms in one place. Time is always of the essence for car dealers and a good social media tool gives them what they need to build an engaged community online without taking up too much of their day.

Best Automotive Social Media Tools

The Best Automotive Social Media Tools Website Award recognizes CRM tools that allow dealerships to aggregate all of their social media platforms in one place so they can organize their messaging and post frequently while responding to followers’ questions and concerns. Each one of these tools has found a way to enhance the relationship between dealers and potential car buyers for a better experience for everyone.

For full coverage on what makes these the best automotive social media tools, order the 2018 AWA Book.