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Founded in 2016, MDL autoMation started with a basic vision in mind: Utilize RFID technologies as the DNA behind building automotive specific applications designed to provide an enhanced customer experience through personalized attention, create new sales touch points between sales / service, and track key operational processes.

In the 10 years since, they have expanded their reach and continue to innovate with the latest solutions revolving around Bluetooth beacons for vehicle location management.

MDL autoMation Provides Latest Fixed Ops Services

MDL Bloodhound is a vehicle location system designed to be a time-saver and money-maker for both the sales and service departments. Utilizing Bluetooth beacon technology, MDL Bloodhound is simple to install and a low-cost vehicle location solution with no costly infrastructure. The beacon fits on the back of the mirror and once it’s paired with the VIN, sales or service can use a smartphone or tablet to quickly pin-point a specific vehicle on a map of the dealership. This is an extremely efficient use of the dealership’s time and improves customer satisfaction.

Service Drive Concierge
Service Drive Concierge is focused on improving the customer experience in the service lane, from start to finish. Before the wheels stop in the service lane, this super-fast system generates a personal VIP welcome on the big screen, propagates customer information on the service tablet, and enables time compression for the service team to complete their tasks efficiently. The collected identity from the service lane also benefits the sales team as they identify equity customers, and opportunities for retention and sales mining.




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