Over the past nine years we’ve reviewed hundreds of products across dozens of categories. Our Product Review Team will work with you every step of the way to provide an accurate, detailed, and honest review of your product.

Thinking about submitting your product for an Automotive Website Award and not sure what to expect? Take a look at the outline of the review process below.

  1. Submit your product in the appropriate category(s)
  2. A member of our Product Review team will reach out to you with a deliverables package and schedule your 2-hour product demo
  3. After your two-hour demo, our Product Review Team will begin to outline the review as well as conduct research (such as customer interviews)
  4. Your product review will be submitted to the Automotive Website Awards Research Report & Buyers Guide
  5. Winners are announced and books are released at the Automotive Website Awards Ceremony the night before the NADA Conference

Registration for the 2019 Automotive Website Awards opens in June 2018!