In today’s marketing world, Social Media is the only platform that allows dealerships to show their current happy customers, gives a sense of the dealership’s personality, and makes prospects comfortable with the people they’re thinking about buying from. It’s the best way to present a positive image of your dealership, create organic reviews, and influence potential customers before they even set foot inside your dealership.

AutoSnapp provides a “behind the dealer” approach to content – offering a tool that you’re entire dealership staff can use! With AutoSnapp, you can upload videos and photos right from the dealership floor and let your agency handle all the heavy lifting of branding, publishing, and posting. What can your staff upload? Special events held at the dealership, customer delivery photos, inventory pictures, team member profiles, and much more!

One of the Best Automotive Mobile Apps

AutoSnapp offers potential customers a window into your business – showing them a little bit about who you are as a dealership and why your customers are happy; it gains the trust of potential customers. It was recognized as one of the best automotive mobile apps at the 2015 Automotive Website Awards, which took place in January in San Francisco.


2015 Awards: