Put simply, CarChat24 was created by “Car People.” Both the President and Vice President have more than 40 years combined experience working in the industry, and therefore possess a deep understanding of dealers’ processes and people.

Offering Advanced Automotive Chat Software

Seen as a leader in automotive chat services, CarChat24 offers some of the best chat reporting tools. The platform gives dealers the option to manage their own chat or to outsource their chat management to their company. With the CarChat24 team on the dealers’ side, those using the platform share a common appreciation for the robust software platform and excellent customer support.

The platform offers unique features, such as the ability to translate 44 languages, the Signal R platform (as opposed to Jabber), and a connection loss rate at a record low 1%. CarChat24 takes pride in their top-speed page loads that have been implemented to preserve and continuously enhance dealer’s Search Engine Optimization.

With a mission to empower car dealers with cutting edge live chat technology, CarChat24 is only getting started.



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