CarNow is a digital communication platform that does things a little differently in order to establish a vital new link between customers and dealers.

A True Rising Star in Automotive Digital Marketing World

Dealerships have been clamoring for a type of chat software that works for them. CarNow answers that call with software that is fully customizable so that it can fit right into a dealer’s current workflow and process. It isn’t focused on “selling” the customer, but rather provides the information shoppers seek. This makes them more willing to offer the info you need to build a customer profile so that you can follow up in a targeted way that shows you are focused on giving the customer what they want. It provides a whole host of intuitive functions that make it easy to use, and also worthy of being named a Rising Star in the automotive digital marketing industry.

CarNow is an up-and-coming company based out of Atlanta that strives to improve the customer/dealership relationship through effective software that truly opens the lines of communication for both sides. Their ability to offer customizable software that seamlessly fits into a dealership’s workflow makes them a company to look out for in the years to come.


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