Conversica is a form of artificial intelligence that streamlines the process of contacting and engaging leads through a virtual sales assistant that gets the dialogue going. It simplifies the entire process to free your team up to focus on closing deals.

A New Way To Simplify the Automotive Sales Process

This is more than just an auto-response tool. It’s an intelligent way to automate your sales process with a human touch. Ava, the virtual sales assistant, begins the conversation with an initial email. It will adjust requests and responses in order to engage your leads because it is capable of interpreting lead responses. This is thanks to Conversica’s innovative AI engine. Ava takes the appropriate steps to help qualify the lead and alert the sales rep when it’s time to get in touch. It even follows up to make sure the sales rep contacted any hot leads. This allows dealers to focus less on chasing leads and more energy on converting them.

Conversica was founded in 2007, and has grown to become a leading provider of lead engagement software for marketing and sales organizations. Their intuitive artificial intelligence technology is revolutionizing the automotive sales process for the better by maximizing sales opportunities. Expect more great things out of this progressive company based out of Foster City, CA.


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