CreditMiner℠ has found a way to make the car buying process simpler and faster, by using innovative technology to streamline financing. Founded in 2012, CreditMiner℠ has proven over the years to be the automotive industry’s only real-time pre-screen provider. Which is good news for dealers that choose to use it, as it gives instant access to TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax bureau data.

Using its Virtual Credit Consultant and Basis2℠ software platform, auto dealers can pre-qualify customers utilizing their TransUnion credit scores without impacting the car buyers credit score or credit history. It provides data up to 5 auto loan summaries, current payment data, auto loan balances, cosigner participation, and revolving debt data.

This gives franchise dealers a trustworthy credit snapshot which ultimately lets them match the perfect car with the perfect customer, with financing that is right every time.

CreditMiner℠ Offers Best Automotive Marketing Tools Around

CreditMiner℠ is earning recognition for their unprecedented approach towards financial pre-screening that helps dealers present an efficient car buying process.

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