DealerSocket aims to create and deliver a technology platform to the automotive industry that helps to support and enhance the progression of individuals through meaningful relationships. In other words, the company makes it simple for car dealerships to manage opportunities and create process through proactive software technology. Through various products, DealerSocket is dedicated to making Customer Relationship Management simpler for automotive dealers.

The company has been categorized as the largest CRM in the automotive industry based purely on vehicle sales. And as of early 2015, the organization grew even more with the acquisition of Dealer Fire, a leader in automotive websites and digital marketing—and not to mention another recurring winner in the AWAs.

The layout and design of the DealerSocket CRM makes it easy for sales agents to navigate, and offers a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management tool that’s customized for dealers.

Offering the Best in Automotive Digital Marketing

Throughout the years, DealerSocket has repeatedly been recognized for offering the best in automotive CRMs, sales process, and marketing tools.


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