Dominion Dealer Solutions

Dominion Dealer Solutions’ sole mission is to make sure car dealerships attract, retain, and service customers through technology solutions that cover every step of the process. Their solutions put dealers back in charge of their data and technology by making providing everything they need in one place.

End-to-end technology solutions are the name of the game at Dominion Dealer Solutions. Through the vendor’s acclaimed Progressive Retail Solutions™, car dealers can streamline new business practices and utilize marketing tools not available on the market anywhere else. Their innovative web-based customer relations (CRM) and dealer management systems (DMS), with data from Microsoft Dynamics platform, are just the foundation of their intuitive technology.

Their single login Digital Dashboard aggregates all KPIs and offers access to all of their technology in one place so you can save time and maximize your marketing strategies. The best part is you always have someone at Dominion Dealer Solutions ready to help you out. Their customer service specialists work with you to get the most out of their technology solutions.

A Comprehensive Automotive Marketing Tool That Gets Results

Dominion Dealers Solution has received multiple awards over the years for their stellar digital dashboard, automotive CRM, social media, and website merchandising tools.


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