Founded in 2012, KonigCo was built on the vision for helping the best get better.  KonigCo’s mission is simple: to connect the best car dealers with local car buyers.  Founder and CEO, Mat Koenig, believes that mobile is the standard for automotive shopping and created AutoCapture, the first text message lead generation tool of its kind for auto dealers, in the summer of 2012.

Since then, KonigCo has expanded to include more lead generation tools.  The company strives to provide a simple, yet powerful way to generate first-party leads by generating leads immediately with working phone numbers, through a platform called iCall AutoLeads,

Offering the Best Automotive Marketing Tools

iCall AutoLeads is a customized single-use texting platform that dealers use on their photo overlays.  That photo overlay is used on the dealers’ websites and syndicated to any third-party website, allowing consumers to text the special offer code and receive a link immediately to take them to the special offer.

In 2014, KonigCo was recognized at the Automotive Website Awards with the Rising Star award!


2014 Award:






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