Rev Ups
RevUps is an interactive promotional advertising product brought to you by the Octane and Powered by Dashboard teams. The flexible platform gives dealers the freedom to create and execute their own customized ads in just minutes.

The promotional software uses media banners designed to attract shoppers and persuade them to fill out a form in order to receive the promotional prize. The information is then converted to a lead form, which is passed along to the dealer, and drives “red hot” leads to your sales team. The RevUps system automatically organizes sales opportunities and gives your team access to key customer information.

RevUps Stands Out Among Top Automotive Marketing Tools

Since 2001, Powered by Dashboard has been helping clients build their business, connect with customers, and most importantly: see results. Based in Canada, they have been bringing their products and services, including RevUps, into the U.S. market over the last few years.


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