Stealth Shopper by Driving Force

Today, over 80% of car buyers use the internet to buy their vehicle; they request information from you and your competitors via email.  Every department in your dealership communicates with your online customers.  With Stealth Shopper by Driving Force Automotive, your dealership can quickly and easily monitor the quality and the effectiveness of these communications—all in one convenient place!

Stealth Shopper allows you to see what both your competitors and your own people say to customers, compare your response times to those of your competitors, and develop sales strategies based on real information.  The simple online report lets you read emails, listen to calls, and view improvement over time. 

Best Automotive Sales Process Tool

Stealth Shopper’s anonymous shoppers contact your dealership and your competitors through the contact forms on your websites at various days and times.  This research measures your response time and that of your competitors, and also logs follow-up communications and promotional practices.  Professional analysis of this information is performance to identify system and technological issues, which helps you troubleshoot and optimize your dealer’s website, lead management system, and customer contact strategy.

Stealth Shopper by Driving Force Automotive was recognized as being one of the best automotive sales process tools at the 2015 Automotive Website Awards!


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