VistaDash is a vendor neutral data warehouse that gives dealerships the ability to consolidate and simplify reporting. VistaDash incorporates automatic data feeds and manual data entry so there are no limitations to which vendor’s data can be stored. Over time, dealers change website platforms, social media tools, chat providers, and other vendors. VistaDash is the dealer’s safety net to capture monthly data regardless of changes in vendors. Using one data warehouse gives you the historical data needed to manage your dealership and make smart choices for future investments.

We are adding new certified data feeds each month to eliminate manual data entry. As VistaDash becomes the industry standard data warehouse, vendor participation will accelerate.

VistaDash can accept automated and manual feeds from dozens of popular industry platforms. Dealers can also customize their data warehouse to add additional data partners to make VistaDash the go-to source for reporting and analysis.

VistaDash was developed with the feedback of dealers across the country. VistaDash is a vendor neutral company created to help dealers manage their human resources, processes, and marketing investments.

The VistaDash software platform is a stand-alone product that is open to any dealership. VistaDash is designed to be the standard for automotive data warehousing providing valuable insights to the dealers who use the software.





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