[responsive]dealer.com-logo[/responsive]Dealer.com is no stranger to the Automotive Website Awards for their website and technology. We are now pleased to honor their unique CRM platform with the CRM Innovation Award.

The Dealer.com CRM team has been quietly upgrading their platform to address the growing pains of a new CRM technology. The company has done a good job on focusing their unique value proposition throughout their upgrades and transition.

Since our last review, the Dealer.com CRM is ADP certified, Reynolds & Reynolds certified, and the company is currently working on Dealertrack integration since the merger of the two companies technologies. When Dealertrack Technologies purchased Dealer.com in 2014, we were concerned what would happen with their unique CRM platform, but everything seems to be well integrated.

When you first log into the Dealer.com CRM platform, you will notice that it does not follow the same user interface conventions of traditional automotive CRM platforms. Its clean “Apple-like” design makes the competition look old and dated.

The software uses color carefully to call attention to tasks that need attention; the rest of the interface is calming. The software is designed to look and feel the same on a desktop device or a smartphone, as shown below. The seamless UX design also reduces staff training.


We commend Dealer.com’s CRM for its clean user interface, tight integration with Dealertrack Marketing Services Suite and call center services added through Dealertrack integration

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