[responsive]dealer.com-logo[/responsive]As PCG Consulting reviewed the many exciting products for the 2015 AWA Research Report, it was clear that one small but important element of software design is often overlooked: user experience.

This year we are introducing a new award, Excellence in User Experience, and are thrilled to name Dealer.com as its first winner.

The User Experience team at Dealer.com has done an outstanding job of integrating a comprehensive suite of products into a single login experience. They have been able to simplify complex tasks into an attractive, well organized user interface.

One great example of its stellar ease of use is the unified advertising dashboard shown below. The visual layer enables dealers to use “slide controls” to adjust budget allocations across SEM, retargeting, display, and social media. It is really very easy to make adjustments to marketing budgets, however actual work that is being done behind the scenes is actually very involved.


We hope that this special annual award will motivate design teams to create more engaging software that empowers the automotive community.

Congratulations to the UX Design and Product Development Teams at Dealer.com for setting the industry standard and delivering to the automotive industry powerful technology that is intuitive, well organized, and well integrated.

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