[responsive]lotlinx_logo[/responsive]LotLinx is revolutionizing online dealer marketing by bringing dealers’ inventories closer to their shoppers. We are excited to honor their performance by providing them with a 2015 Marketing Innovation Award!

LotLinx is currently active in over 1,000 rooftops and live with five OEMs. In a three-market OEM test of dealerships in Los Angeles and Dallas with half using LotLinx and half without, the stores with LotLinx sold eight more units per month (a 15% increase).

LotLinx has a business model that allows dealers to market to any customer, and any distance from the dealership at a fixed cost. If the consumer decides to enter in a zip code and a distance into a third-party classified website, the dealer’s cars will show. If the consumer clicks from 10 miles away or 100 miles away, the cost to the dealer is exactly the same.

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Two of the many benefits of LotLinx are greater transparency in marketing reach and a fee model that is aligned with the dealer’s desire to sell more cars. This, coupled with their high-quality shopper traffic, detailed reporting, pay-per-performance billing model and wide range of impressive features, were grounds to award LotLinx with a Marketing Innovation honor this year.

The Automotive Website Awards is an annual ceremony held by PCG Consulting that honors the best technology for automotive dealers. Awards are presented to the best automotive website and technology products in a variety of categories; categories include Automotive Website Platforms, Automotive Mobile Websites, Sales Process, CRM, Social Media Tools and more.

More About the 2015 AWA Awards

This year, the 2015 Automotive Website Awards took place just prior to the National Automobile Dealer Association Convention. The City Club of San Francisco hosted the award show which presented 37 awards to the best website and technology products on the market for car dealers and one individual. Throughout the rest of the convention, car dealers can learn more about PCG by visiting booth #6505W at NADA.

For more information about all the winners of the AWAs, please visit http://www.awa.autos.