PCG is pleased to announce that Dominion Dealer Solutions has won a 2016 Automotive Website Award in the Website Merchandising for their Inventory Manager.

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Dominion Inventory gives dealers insight into their own inventory and the inventory of their local competitors. The platform evaluates the dealership’s merchandising practices and gives dealers actionable data to improve their merchandising and sales opportunities. The platform is extremely flexible to provide the best information for each dealer.

Dealers can change viewing fields to make changes to a batch of vehicles, or make changes one vehicle at a time. Their customizable widgets also give dealers greater insights into inventory data and vehicle aging.

The main workspace of the application allows dealers to interact with vehicles in one place. The vehicle grid view makes it possible to create settings with Adwriter, mapping, photos, pricing, and mileage across one vehicle or multiple vehicles without having to go to a different screen. The platform is also available on a mobile app, making it accessible anywhere, anytime.

Automotive dealers are taking a fresh look at Website Merchandising in 2016, and are utilizing heat mapping tools, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager to inspect engagement of website pages, and relying less on measuring Cost-per-Click (CPC) or Cost-per-Lead (CPL) We salute these pioneers in the automotive industry that continue to enhance existing products and deliver new solutions to make our industry grow.

We congratulate Dominion Dealer Solutions for being named a 2016 Automotive Website Award winner for Website Merchandising and thank them for participating in this year’s review process.

More About the 2016 AWA Awards

This year, the 2016 Automotive Website Awards took place just prior to the National Automotive Dealers Association Convention. The Wynn Las Vegas hosted the award show which presented 37 awards to the best website and technology products on the market for car dealers and one individual. Throughout the rest of the convention, car dealers can learn more about PCG by visiting booth #5736N at NADA. For more information about all the winners of the AWAs, please visit http://www.awa.autos.