The smart phone has changed the way we live, interact, and even shop. Few innovations have had such a profound effect on daily life, and that includes how people shop for a new vehicle. This presents some interesting challenges for dealerships that are still trying to reach customers via outdated methods with sites that aren’t mobile friendly.

Now, mobile apps have opened new avenues for dealerships to interact with potential customers and to make the car-buying process more intuitive. In order to improve digital marketing and increase sales potential, it’s imperative to utilize the best automotive mobile applications.

Best Automotive Mobile Apps

There are apps that allow dealerships to upload photos directly from the showroom floor for people to view instantly right from their phone. Any employee at a dealership knows how difficult it can be to locate a car on the lot, which is why there is an app that helps pinpoint each one.

The sky is the limit for the best automotive mobile apps that elevate dealership capability in terms of mobile marketing and interaction with customers, which is why the Automotive Website Awards likes to honor apps that set the bar high in this growing field. These apps run the gamut from social media to inventory management, but the key is that each one provides a simple solution to car dealer needs through an intuitive mobile platform.

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