The age of technology that we live in allows us to see and hear things we never could’ve—even just a decade ago. The sales process was once something extremely difficult to quantify and measure, but these days there are sales process tools for the automotive industry that give you everything you need to improve your communication with potential customers.

Now, car dealerships have access to emails and phone conversations all in one place, with just a few clicks. This allows managers to review processes, locate trouble areas, and improve processes with the help of real information. Without these tools, it would take huge amounts of valuable time to audit your sales process and with far less accurate data to go on.

Best Automotive Sales Process Tools

That’s why the Automotive Website Awards recognizes the best automotive sales process tools in the business. They help dealers big and small communicate better with customers, whether through variable or fixed operations calls, and also online conversations. In a world where data is the key, having a log of all your interactions with customers goes a long way.

There are quite a few sales process tools out there that are making life easier for dealerships with intuitive dashboards and call-tracking technologies that give them the information they need to understand how they can increase their sales potential. This year saw some new tools rise up the ranks to be recognized as the best automotive sales process tools in the industry by creating ways to streamline the review process and providing more control over data for dealerships.

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