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In order to provide vendors with a high efficiency marketing tool for their products, PCG is moving from a written research article compiled in a book to a high energy product review on a succinct video. Each video will open with Brian’s brief comments about the product, and move to a visual overview of the 5 key features of the product. While dealers are watching these videos, product testimonials from dealers will be front and center as well as a short description of the product and contact information. This will be an awesome tool to send out by email to any of your prospective customers. All of the product videos will be compiled into a video library book that will be easy to use and share.


For over a decade, the AWAs have been a benchmark in the auto industry for innovative products in technology, design, search marketing, social media, and digital retailing.


We're passionate about helping automotive vendors develop their products to be the best for today's dealerships, and helping automotive dealers find the products that best fit their unique needs.


Through an extensive review process, the automotive digital marketing experts at PCG review, research, and rate the best products for car dealers to incorporate into their process or showroom.

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There is some uncertainty about how NADA will be conducted in 2021. Regardless of whether the event is more virtual than physical, PCG guarantees that the awards event will be filled with excitement and recognition for all of our winners!


“We never miss the AWAs! The first time we attended, when no one knew who we were and we only had a handful of employees, winning the “Pinnacle Platform Award” from Brian and PCG Companies at the AWAs meant a great deal to us. Six years later as we continue attending with new products to submit, we take tremendous pride in the AWA’s recognition of our team’s innovation, hard work, and results on behalf of our dealer partners.”

Joe Chura

CEO/Co-Founder, Dealer Inspire