accepting 2022 awa applications


The goal of the AWAs is to bring transparency to the digital marketing, data science, and management choices that dealers face. 

Participating companies will provide the requested marketing materials and a one-hour demo of their product to the BPE team. Dealer contacts are requested, and are interviewed by BPE. At the culmination of the process, a detailed, one-of-a-kind Video Buyers Guide will be created with an in-depth discussion of each product reviewed. 

This Video Buyers Guide is sent to over 1,000 dealers as well as promoted through social media. Each vendor is provided with their own product video to use as an effective marketing tool. These independent reviews are an invaluable resource.


In order to provide vendors with a high efficiency marketing tool for their products, BPE has moved from a written research article compiled in a book to a high energy product review on a succinct video.

  • Each 8-10 minute video will open and close with Brian’s brief comments about the product. 
  • An overview of the key features of the product will be edited from the product demonstration shown to the BPE team.
  • Written product testimonials from dealers will be solicited and used, if available.
  • All of the product videos will be compiled into a video library that lives on with links that will be easy to use and share.

This will be an awesome tool to send out by email to any of your prospective customers.

If you are not familiar with the AWAs and would like more information, email or call 864-380-0084, and Beth will be glad to give you more details.