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Trusted Authority

Brian Pasch, creator of the AWAs, has been an advocate to auto dealers for nearly two decades. His honest feedback and unbiased opinions have made him a trusted voice within the dealership community.

The AWA criteria for the awards are based on his values, with the research conducted by BaPE Research and Brian Pasch himself. The process and final product reviews are designed to provide dealers with the best knowledge and insights to make informed decisions when they’re choosing to partner with a vendor.

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A coveted award that has earned a seal of approval that carries weight with dealers across the globe

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You and your team spend countless hours working with and discussing your product.  While this might make everyone highly efficient at rattling off memorized talking point, it doesn’t often provide an opportunity to step back and take an objective look.

Brian Pasch’s years of experience uncovering the latest and greatest solutions for both dealers and vendors alike, he is uniquely suited to detect key differences in products, systems, processes, and companies that may otherwise go unnoticed.

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