In addition to the video reviews from Brian Pasch, every product submitted will be featured as a part of a 4-day livestream review the week before NADA! Each broadcast will last 4 hours and ensure that dealers attending the event will be familiar with the products before it’s even begun!

All submissions go through an extensive review process, which includes a deep product review and unbiased automotive dealer testimonials.

For the first time ever, BPE will spend 15 minutes reviewing each product submission LIVE the week before NADA on March 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

The best of the best in each category will be awarded in person at the AWA ceremony in Las Vegas just as NADA kicks off.

“It’s like the automotive shopping network… just before NADA!”

Why is this important?

We are using this new method to help dealers save time, money and headaches by connecting novel products to them before NADA that they’ve never heard about before.  Furthermore, it can be an effective way to book demos with more dealers and find who genuinely want to know more about your product’s value proposition.

What you can expect:

It’s going to be a great interactive show, four hours a day for four days the week before NADA. So, what are you waiting for?